Wednesday, March 14, 2007

been noticing lately that most of this blog has been about animation.. so here are my top ten poplocking (popping & locking) clips .. just copy paste the address..

the tightest bottin/animation style crew I've ever seen in my life.. supposobly they were taught by OG Boppin Andre (creator of style of boppin or bottin) .. anyway incredible control.. precision.. awesome musicality! this is fantasia in real life~

jsmooth.. one of the top new school heads bringing the funkstyle crown back to the USA.. student of poppin taco.. also taught by Electric boogaloos.. amazing musicality (animation done to the music!) .. but the highlight of this clip is the finger tuts in the middle of the set.. he knows how to pace himself well and add variety and complexity in them.. !

OG of strobing.. this is one of the originators and pioneers of strobing.. and he can do it while he's singing! no one is on his level of creativity/control/musicality in strobing~

Salah.. from France.. amazing dancer.. amazing performer.. he won the popping and locking competitions here in Hollywood called HowThaWestWasWon... a wonderful human being also in person!

boppin andre.. OG of bopping (aka botting).. he is the originator of this style.. strong presence and charisma~ he is the dancer in red..

budda stretch and link.. the two brothers after the brazilian guy.. they define beat freaking in this clip! listen to how they accent the music with their movement!

boogaloo Sam.. supposobly the originator for popping... but definately the originator of electric boogaloo style that is popular today.. respect

media serkus.. OG of routines.. they are one of the first groups that started popping way back in the 1970s! before all that breakin and enterin and beatstreet.. these guys were doing it a decade before that in the Bay Area.. some popping history for u guys!

for those of u who dunno the difference between popping and locking.. these guys are definately lockers! They are from Japan and have world wide rep of locking~

acky is my favorite popper/dancer! He is a dancer from japan and is in a crew called OGS~ he was taught by poppin pete and most of the electric boogaloos... I luv this guy cuz he reminds me of a mix of poppin pete/fred astaire.. real smooth transitions.. nice musicality.. strong definate poses.. he is the guy in black and with the yellow hat~ ^ ^

hope everybody enjoys the clips! tell me if there is a problem with the addresses

Hey everyone! Shane had a awesome two week character design workshop at calarts in which the assignment was to design characters from Christmas Carol.. I actually couldn't make it to the first class so one of my characters wasn't actually asigned.. (-_-).. on top of that I didn't really have time to read the book or do research.. and I squeezed it in during breaks at work.. arghh.. anyway.. here they are.. I am goin to address some of the notes I got and update them here on my blog.. hopefully I dun kill it or stiffin it up.. ^ ^