Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

this battle is so fun! You can see Link from Elite Force and Salah going crazy over Yoshie and her crew~~ haha.. awesome!

I wonder if animation will ever have this vibe in the movement!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hope everyone got to see Prep and Landing on ABC this winter break! I was lucky enough to do passes over the character designs and they even used some of the designs on the show: Santa, and Ms. Holly (the secretary lady).. There were also a lot of exciting preproduction art that never made it to the screen.. We earlier envisioned a more Rankin and Bass meets Pocoyo Christmas Special style.. but later got scrapped sadly! I would have liked it to be more of a mini Asterix flavored european comic world.. but it still came out appealingly! Some great character designers that contributed were Joe Moshier, Lorelay Bove, David Coleman, Bill Schwabb, Bert Youn..

Monday, January 04, 2010

Just started getting interested in learning about C.O.G.(center of gravity)! A lot of the drawing and animation books I've read mention the concept of balance in figures.. and this is terribly important in drawing, design and animation.. but hardly devote a lot of pages to it..

Remembering Milt's advice, "You need to know what you'r doing before you caricuture it".. I changed my focus from art books to google videos and books! If you really want to know what weight is and understand it is from the inside out.. I really recommend using google to find out! There are a ton of videos, and ebooks out there for free online.. and during my search I found a lot of other topics on the way as well..

During my search on google you can watch a physics teacher taught about c.o.g, people that design toy airplanes talking about balance and c.o.g, ballet books that talk about c.o.g, rock climbing books that talk about c.o.g, sports coaches talking about c.o.g, martial artists talking about c.o.g... all cross-referencing each other!

one of the most interesting things that came up from this search was learning about gait analysis.. there is actually a field of study that centers around the mechanics of human movement.. and books that talk specifically on what goes on in your body when you walk! I found that c.o.g. is extremely important in the movement and structure of humans..

learning about weight and balance really helped me connect the dots when I came back to drawing the figure.. Not only did it help with thinking about posing and movement, but how I design and structure my characters as well! It opened my eyes that there are reasons why living things are designed a certain way.. and how appropriate things are designed based on their function.. and within that amazing grace! Made me think on how God designed our world with a purpose and with great beauty!

I really recommend learning c.o.g. and concepts of weight if you are studying anatomy! Great anatomy artists that I look up to like rico lebrune and marc davis all had a great understanding of this~ why shouldn't we?

Anyway, hope everyone gets to take advantage of the google search on their learning journey!