Tuesday, February 01, 2011

testing out TVPaint brush engine.. trying to get a similar brush with the one I have in photoshop.. The thing that annoys me is that there isn't a way to control the size of the grain in pencil mode.. and it also has some semi opaque marks .. anyone out there know where I could get a good croquil ink pen for TVPaint?


Jamil R. Lahham said...

I've been working with TVPaint for couple of months now and every time I hit a wall I'd post a question on their forum. It's a very active forum and usually you get an answer the same day and %99 of the time you'll have a solid answer.

Polyminthe said...

Hello,is it a good software? I've been wondering about it for few days. I'm looking for an alternative to the vector rendering in Flash.
Really great blog, by the way!!!

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Great sketches!

Anette said...

Wow great! :) Nice blog!

David Nethery said...

On the Contents Sharing sub-forum on the TVP Users Forum search for "Chinese Brush" by user "gugu".

Chinese Brush Custom Tool Panel


See more TVP examples from various films here:



David Nethery said...

Also, check out these video tutorials by Mark Chong on custom brush configuration in TVP:

TVP Brush Configuration

TVP custom Graphite Brush


anastasiya said...

nice :))))

Matt J said...

Hey Shiyoon - love the Searle-esque end titles for TANGLED. Next time you're in San Francisco come see me at Pixar!

Alessandro Echevarria said...

It's not easy to get used to real ink, working with digital a lot, but I find it much more rewarding than digital "ink".
Also, just watched tangled, and I was amazed by these drawings, and had to find their source, here I am, and I just want to say how much I love it.

Charles Santoso said...

Love your work :D All the best :)

Juampa said...

I don´t have words to express how I love Yur work.

Very Nice Blog, your stuff is soooo good.


pierre ledain said...

Hi I've seen your post and if I've unsterdood (I'm french so I don't understand very well english),in TV paint when you use the pencil ,you have a window on your left with your tools ,and inside this window ,there is a tab named "options" inside this tab ,you have the parameters of your pencil ,here you have to click on a little square named strength and you can choose not to have strength in your pencil ,and normally you'll have your brush.

here a link with a screenshot of tvpaint


pierre ledain said...

oh I was going to forget...I love your work ,everything in this blog is brilliant.

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Roberto La Forgia said...

very nice works!

Griya Mobil Kita said...

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Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

The K-9 bellow is super!

Michelle said...

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Alex said...

U're quite amazing!I'll try to copy your sketches style cause i love it.The ending of tangled was really nice.

bernardo said...

you my friend are rocking very hard!
watchout! hehehe

bernardo frança

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Gavin Ball said...

Nice to see more people using TVPaint.

It's a great software. Brushes feel great. Not quite as precise in some cases as Photoshop. But very customizable.

Your art is great too btw!

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Iuri Araújo said...

I work with TVPaint since 2009. For me, it's a perfect software to develop artistical hand-drawn animations. If someone have time, check out my animations that I've developed there in my website: http://www.iuriaraujo.com